Monday, June 19, 2017

Copycat Creations: Lengthening a Dress

I bought a really cute, stylish dress because I just couldn't pass it up. Only problem was, I wanted it to be a few inches longer!
I had pinned the picture below on Pinterest a while back thinking it was a great idea. The picture was captioned "TIP: Add length to short dress. Lengthen from middle". Brilliant!!

My dress came with a black tie. I thought if I took it apart it would work well to make a wide waistband for the dress. Of course, that meant a lot of seam ripping, because the tie was decorated with several lines of stitching. 

I was happy to find that a good ironing removed all trace of the stitched lines. Now I had a long, wide strip of black fabric. 

I then tried on the dress to determine the place I should cut it to add the black waistband. I made the cut a little above my waist since the waistband was going to be a few inches wide and I wanted to center it over the waist. 
I measured and cut the waistband to a little wider than my waist measurement. Then I gathered the top and skirt of the dress in the front and back to bring it in to match this measurement. 

I sewed the waistband to the top and skirt, trying it on and adjusting the seams a little to make sure it all looked straight and even. 

Here are before and after pictures:
I love it! Hooray for Pinterest and people with clever ideas!