Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Seeing Potential

I love having the ability to see potential in things - to pull out a very old-fashioned dress from a thrift store rack and know that I could make it into something stylish and pretty. Sometimes it's a little difficult. Sometimes I have to stare at the item of clothing for a while and then close my eyes and try to imagine...but with this beautifully-colored dress it was a no-brainer. I just couldn't pass up such a wonderful opportunity for a makeover!

The skirt was perfect: a lovely, flowy chiffon. I knew I didn't have to make any changes there. But the top needed some work. The skirt was sewn at the waist to the lining of the top. I sewed the chiffon and lining together just below the waist to keep them together and then cut the skirt off of the top.

That done, I completely took apart the top, removing the lining and the sleeves. Then I cut the lace down to a more fitted shape.

The lining had no stretch to it, and as I wanted to create a fitted top that didn't need a zipper, I knew I was going to need a stretchy fabric. A trip to the thrift store yielded a T-shirt that was just the right color.

I sewed the skirt and top together again, gathering the skirt a little to make it the right size.

I also shortened the sleeves a bit, sewed them in to make them smaller, and reattached them to the top. I finished off the neckline with some facing.

Makeover complete! I debuted the dress at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC. Because if you are in NYC, you might as well go see an opera at the Met, and if you go see an opera at a place as amazing as the Met, you might as well dress up for it, even if it is cold and windy and raining. At least, that's what I think.

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