Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A Bright Idea

Easter was a while ago, but here I am finally getting around to posting about an Easter sewing project I did for a family in my church. A church friend asked me to make dresses for her three girls. The fabric she gave me to use was so bright and cheery, perfect for spring/summer dresses. Working with fun fabric makes projects that much more enjoyable!

There was plenty of fabric left over after the dresses were finished, and the mom came up with the wonderful idea of getting a matching jacket made for herself. She gave me a jacket of her own to use as a pattern and told me to use the colors as I thought best to create sort of a patchwork look. I was having a little trouble "seeing" it in my head, so I used a picture of the original jacket and some of my favorite photo editing programs to create a few different options.

Original jacket:

Color options for new jacket:

We decided on option #3. I drafted the pattern using tracing paper and lots of measuring. It was kind of like a puzzle the way all the pieces fit together. I enjoy projects where I have to copy something - figure out how to make it look like the original. Here is the finished jacket and the lovely woman I made it for:

Beautiful family! They even found an orange bow tie for their little boy. So cute!

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