Monday, February 6, 2017

Fast Forward to Vintage

A couple weeks ago, some friends hosted an "It's a Wonderful Life"-themed party. People were encouraged to dress up in 1940's attire. I didn't have anything in my closet that would work, so a few days before the party - in true procrastination style - I started shopping around at thrift stores. A last-ditch effort shopping run the morning of the party finally yielded a dress, but it was something I would have to alter. Was it a wise idea? Probably not, but I really didn't want to go without something era-appropriate. So a few hours before it was time to leave, I sat down at the sewing machine.

Actually, the first part of the alteration took place at the iron. The skirt had accordion pleats all the way down. From what I had seen, that was not a part of 1940's style. So I ironed them all out. That was the most time-consuming part of the alteration. From there, I took the sleeves out so I could sew in the sides of the dress, as it was too big. The sleeves were also too wide, so I sewed them in as well. I left them wide at the top, however, and added gathers at the shoulders. That was something I had seen a lot when looking at pictures of 1940's dresses.

I think the alteration took an hour and a half. Maybe two hours. Not bad. High pressure projects aren't my favorite thing, but sometimes they just happen...maybe more often than sometimes. Too bad I can't promise I won't do something like that again.

Here are before and after pictures:

You can't really see the gathers at the shoulders in the picture, but you can tell that the top is smaller and the skirt really changed shape without the pleats.

I think it's more of an early 1940's style. I had looked up a lot of 1940's dresses online before shopping. Here is one of the pictures I found, the one that inspired me to buy my dress:

And here are a few more pictures of similar dresses:

Love that last one!

Me in my dress...

...and some pictures from the evening (thanks, Melissa!):

The host and hostess:

Such a fun party! Lots of good food, visiting, fun games...I didn't stay for the dancing, but that looked pretty fun, too.

It is a wonderful life. Don't forget to enjoy it, and be grateful!

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