Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year, New Things

This year, for some reason, Christmas gift ideas seemed a little harder to come up with. In my family, each person usually writes up a list of things they want so everyone else knows what to get. Of course, some people don't write lists, or come up with so few ideas that most of us are left wracking our brains for what to get them. And then there are the gifts for friends. I like to get people things that are fun, unique, and practical. That can be difficult.

I ended up making a lot of gifts this year. It was quite fun! The most ambitious project was a button down shirt for my brother. I had gotten a pattern from a friend and really wanted to use it. This was the perfect occasion! I had never made a men's shirt before, so I was a little apprehensive, but it turned out to not be as complex and, well, scary, as I had thought. Here is the finished product:

I was happy with how professional it turned out! Patterns are nice like that! I was especially afraid of sewing so many buttonholes, but they actually went pretty smoothly. The grid-like pattern of the fabric made it easy to place them and make them all the same size.

I didn't have the shirt done for Christmas, so my brother got to open an unfinished gift. It ended up being a New Year's shirt. I made myself something new for New Year's Day as well.

So quick and easy! And comfortable! And I love the color. Also, check out that necklace!! It was a Christmas gift from a friend, and I am pretty much crazy about it!

Happy New Year!

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