Friday, January 20, 2017

Big Girl Toys

You know that old-fashioned idea where you save coins in a jar until you have a decent amount and then go spend it on something fun? Well, I have been saving coins for the past few years without any real plan of what to spend them on. I just emptied out the change pouch of my wallet every time it got full and put the coins in a jar...and then transferred them to a larger jar, and then got a second large jar...

Those two jars got pretty full, and one morning in the week between Christmas and New Year's, it suddenly occurred to me: Why don't I buy myself a serger? So I got on the computer and ordered one. It felt rather impulsive and yet made perfect sense. Merry Christmas to me!! I think it's the best present I've ever bought myself. Of course, by the time it arrived, my life had gotten busy again and I really didn't have time to learn how to use it - until this week. Then I spent a good while figuring out how it worked and trying different stitches (after I finally got it threaded and running properly, which was quite the job!). It's fun to be able to sew stuff like this:

After several trial runs, I sewed my first serged hem on a tunic top I'd been altering.

So fast and easy! No stretching of the fabric, no unevenness - just one long straight seam and it was done! I love my serger!!

The other "toy" I've been having fun with is the dehydrator that my parents let me borrow. I've been making myself granola for the past few months, and drying fruit for it in the oven, but I often ended up with burnt pieces of apple or rather charred banana. The dehydrator is wonderful!! I can dry so much fruit at once and it comes out perfectly!

Bananas and kiwi for the granola and cinnamon apple slices for snacks...or maybe a future batch of granola. Hooray! The possibilities are endless!

So, I have been playing with my new toys, and working hard at the same time. Because sometimes those two things overlap, and that's the best!

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