Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fleece and Fur and Faces

Right now, fleece is my favorite material to work with. It makes such cute stuff!! My little Pet Palz have been selling well at The Corner Shoppe, and the owner gave me suggestions for some new products. Naturally, I jumped on it and started making them right away! So, here is the Pet Pal Purse:

I love them! Currently I only have made bear, deer, and raccoons, but I have had some requests for elephants, so I am going to have to try those next.

Recently, a friend gave me a whole bunch of felt, and it was the perfect thing to line the purses! It's so fun when the inside is colorful.

I wanted to list the purses on eBay as well, and a dear little friend agreed to model them for me. She was perfect! (Thanks to her mom for helping out with this!)

I'm going to have to keep brainstorming, thinking of what other items I could make in my Pet Palz line. Any ideas?!

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