Friday, September 23, 2016

Just Another Edit

Occasionally, I actually get to my own list of alteration and sewing projects - you know, the ones for me and not someone else. And frequently, a new project appears right at these times, so the old ones get pushed further down on the list. Yeah, it's a never-ending list...

I had a dress hanging in my closet that I really didn't want to get rid of, but I hardly ever wore it because I had a lot of things I liked better. It was one of those dresses that looks a lot worse on the hanger than on the person. So I tried it on one Sunday morning and thought: I actually like this dress! If only it was a little shorter...and maybe I could do something with those ties... So I changed into something else and got to work on it the next week.

Here is the original dress:

It's such a fun dress, but it was just the wrong length. It needed to be either a little longer or a little shorter. As I couldn't lengthen it, shortening was the way to go. I also wanted to do something about the ties (the pattern makes them really hard to see so I outlined them in white). I wanted there to be something at the waist, but the tie was a little bulky.

I seam-ripped both tie pieces and took them out of the sides of the dress. They were double-layered, so I took them apart as well.

I hemmed two of the pieces and now had this:
I put them back into the sides of the dress. This was a little less bulky, since they were each now just one layer of fabric, but it still didn't solve the tie problem. What I needed was a metal ring. Fortunately, I had this shirt:

It was not something that I had bought to wear, so it didn't matter what I did with it. I took out the metal ring and looped the ends of the tie around it. I tried it on, pinning the fabric in place, and then sewed around the edge of the ring and cut off the excess fabric.

Much improved.

I took about 6" off the bottom of the skirt and hemmed it up. Now this is what I had:
It doesn't look that much different from the original, but believe me, it was!

 Yeah, I know, the grass is kind of in the way in this picture. But it's cool grass, and I like it.

Here is a close-up of the new waistband:

This dress is the perfect colors for fall, and since we are having a rather warm fall, it is also the perfect style! I am happy to say it will no longer be hanging useless in my closet!

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