Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Excuses and Excitement

I have a very good excuse for not posting lately! Weddings. That is a pretty good excuse for just about anything. First, I was finishing up six bridesmaids dresses, some of which couldn't be fitted and finished until a few days before the wedding because the girls lived out of town. That was a little stressful, but it all worked out. Hopefully I will have some pics of those to show you in the near future. After that wedding was over, I was able to focus on my own bridesmaids dress for my best friend's wedding. The bridesmaids were each given fabric and general guidelines/pattern options. Before my dress was even half finished, I determined that I hate patterns, but after lots of taking in and letting out and about a million fittings, I got it right.

Everybody loves weddings, right? So you won't mind if I tell you a little about it, will you? Good! The weather couldn't have been more perfect. With the threat of rain and high heat and humidity, we were a little apprehensive about the outdoor photo session and outdoor reception after the ceremony, but judging by the weather, it could have been the middle of October! And everything was so green from all the rain we've had (the predicted summer drought apparently avoided us as well), so the pictures turned out beautifully!! I know that's what you really want to see in this post, so here you go:

I just can't get over how gorgeous everything looked together! This picture really doesn't do it justice! Sorry I don't have a lot more pictures. I had to steal the few on this blog post from friends because, being in the wedding, I didn't have time to take any myself.

It was one exciting day, from the photos in the morning to the toasts at the end of the evening. (I may be weird, but I was extremely excited to get to give a toast!) They even had lanterns to send off like in "Tangled"!! I'm surprised my face didn't hurt that night from all the smiling! I couldn't be happier for my best friend!

As this is a sewing blog, here is a close-up of one of the dresses so you can see it in a little more detail. This is the sister of the groom, doing a very good job of looking lovely and concealing her bounce-off-the-walls excitement. I did a good job of that most of the time.

Isn't that just the most incredible fabric?? I've never seen anything like it before! It's cotton, the perfect material to keep cool in on a hot day, and it was really soft, too. The bride had to have orders called in to several different stores in order to get enough for all the bridesmaids.

Post wedding, life kind of feels empty. I mean, I had been looking forward to that day for several months, and now it's over! So I've been waiting for more pictures to be posted on facebook and waiting for the bride and groom to get back from their honeymoon and moving/rearranging my sewing station. The last item in that list is the most fulfilling, because I am actually doing something. Right now things are a big mess (it gets worse before it gets better), but I can't wait to show you when I get everything finished! Stay tuned!

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