Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Place With Space

Last week, I was able to move my little sewing station, which until now had been squeezed between the dining area and living room, into a whole room of its own. Yes, I now have a sewing room!! It is so fun to have so much space! I was also able to position my sewing desk right in front of the window, so no more staring at a blank wall while I sew!

The moving process spanned a few days and created quite a mess! It gets worse before it gets better, right? Well, it certainly did get worse! Here is an 'in process' picture:

I found out I had a lot more fabric than I realized! I still don't know where it all was before. I managed to fill two dressers, a small nightstand, and the shelves in my desk. That's a lot of fabric! Yeah, I really should restrain myself from any more fabric shopping for a while...

Anyway, here is a sort of panoramic 'after' picture:

I now have a clothing rack for projects I am working on, an ironing board always set up and ready (no more wrestling it in and out of the laundry closet), and a large mirror! Hooray!! (Thanks to my mom and sister for lending me the furniture!)

I decided to decorate in blue and green, mainly because I had a quilted pillow sham in those colors that I wanted to cover a bulletin board with.

I don't know what I will pin on it, but it's a pretty nice decoration whether I use it or not!

I found some coordinating fabrics and covered circles of foam board in them to make this wall display:

The mirror has a foam board frame wrapped in strips of fabric. I just love this look!

I also decorated a little jar with some of the coordinating fabric and added pearls and a twine flower for some character.

To complete the room, I knew I needed some kind of valance or curtains. I saw some cute scalloped valences in a quick search on Pinterest. A king-sized pillow case (another thrift store find) provided the material. I love how it turned out!

That really was going to be the extent of my decorating, but I had enough green and blue fabric left over to make a pillow for my chair. So I did.

Now my room is finished, and I have decided that my next big project is figuring out how to use all of the fabric I have collected over the past several years. If you need something made, just let me know! Chances are I have the right material for you!

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