Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Quick Fixes

My wardrobe has been undergoing some changes this spring, I have bought clothes, made clothes, and bought clothes and altered them. And yes, I have gone through my closet and pulled out the things I no longer wear. They are now sitting in a bag on my floor. Judging by how things have gone in the past, they will probably sit there a long time. But at least they are no longer taking up space in my closet!

I wanted to share with you a couple of quick, easy alterations I did recently that made the difference between "won't wear" and "love it".

Quick-Fix 1: Is your maxi too short?

I bought this maxi skirt because I thought it looked cool, but it was just the wrong length.

The hem was pretty narrow, so I couldn't really let it out. The waist however, was over an inch wide. I started by seam ripping the waist and taking out the elastic.

Then I pinned the elastic on top of the edge of the waist in a few places. This helped me know how much to stretch the elastic as I sewed.

Stretching the elastic while you are sewing (as shown in the second picture below) keeps the edge of the fabric underneath the elastic.

Here is what the waist looks like now:

You can kind of see the faint line about two inches below the elastic where the bottom of the waistband used to be. I gave myself a couple more inches of length!

Quick-Fix 2: The baggy shirt

I've been wanting a jean button-up shirt for a while now to wear as a jacket with some of my sleeveless dresses. I found a cute one the other day that was only a few cents (yes, you read that right!) so I knew I had to get it. Only problem was, it didn't have the pretty, fitted look I wanted.

The answer? Darts! This is one of my favorite fixes. It is so simple, and makes such a difference!

With the shirt inside out, fold the back about a third of the way from the side seam. Sew in a dart. Don't be too concerned about getting the curve perfect. Just sew what you think will work - you will have time to tweak it later.

Once you have the first dart sewn, measure and pin so you know where to sew the second one (picture on the left below). When both darts are sewn, try the shirt on and see what you think. It may take a few tries to get it perfect. As you can see in the pictures below, my first darts didn't go all the way to the hem of the shirt, but after I tried it on, I adjusted them to what you see on the right.

To finish the alteration, cut off the excess fabric, leaving about 1/4" seam allowance, and zigzag the raw edges.

Quick fix, huge difference!

Hooray for new clothes - and easy ways to fix them!

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