Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Colors

I always get to my holiday posts after the holidays are over. I usually intend to post something the day of know how holidays go. I hope you all had a blessed Easter. Mine was cold and rainy, but filled with glorious worship, wonderful fellowship, good food, and beautiful things. I made some new clothes for myself, like I try to do every Easter. This time it was a long coral-pink maxi dress (I love that color!) and a white flyaway cardigan.

Yes, that is a doily in the back of the cardigan. I have had a couple of doilies sitting around for a while, waiting for just such a project. I love it!!

And here are my sisters and I in our (unplanned) perfectly coordinated outfits.

It is so fun to see all the beautiful spring clothes everyone pulls out for Easter. Coral and bright aqua are this year's spring colors. I must say I approve!

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