Friday, March 25, 2016

A Little Diversion

In the midst of all the sewing projects that I have going on right now, I decided to make myself a shirt. It was one of those things where I got an idea and just had to do it now. I love lace inserts on shirts and have been wanting to make myself one for a long time. I thought of it more as a makeover project on an existing shirt, but when I had some soft knit fabric left over from another project, I knew I had to make one from scratch.

I used this shirt for a pattern:

I didn't have quite enough fabric, so I had to make it a little smaller, but the shirt above fits loosely, so that wasn't a problem. I think the vintage collar below belonged to my grandma. I really wanted to use the lace edge, and this was the perfect opportunity. I cut out the straight segments along the sides.

Here is the idea:

I sewed the shirt pieces together and hemmed the neck and sleeves:

I had cut strips of three flowers from the collar, but after hemming the sleeves and neck, I ended up only needing two. I pinned the lace on the front and sewed it down, then did the same for the back.

I tacked down the flower petals in the front so they wouldn't stick out. Then I hemmed the bottom. 

When I tried it on the first time, the length didn't quite work. It was a little too narrow at the bottom and didn't fit me right. So I cut a few inches off and hemmed it again. Perfect!

That was a fun diversion! Now to get back to the big projects...

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