Monday, February 29, 2016

New Thoughts and New Things

I have gotten several sewing orders over the past few years, but it is always fun when someone requests that I make them something as a birthday gift. This year, my mom asked me to make her a black flyaway cardigan like the geometric blue one I had made for myself a while back. She really liked the details I had added to the front (the pattern on mine makes it hard to see!).

I didn't quite have it finished by her birthday, but it was done by Sunday, which is when she had wanted to wear it.

I am now waiting for more orders, and I decided to take advantage of this little break and make something for myself! Monday is usually my grocery shopping day and today, I threw in some fabric shopping. I was looking for some red fabric to make a longer version of this dress:

I love the pattern!! I wanted a thick knit fabric a shade or two darker than the picture. I had already been to a few fabric stores, but I had two more to try.

The fabric stores failed me. Maybe it just isn't the right season for that kind of fabric. I will have to keep searching. In the mean time, I found some other fabric to make a different dress. You can't beat knit fabric for $1.59 a yard!

Hmm...what to do with it? I'll admit, I did do some Pinterest browsing before I wrote this post. The first thing I saw was this cute little dress:

Nice style, but it wasn't exactly what I had in mind. I found several more that I liked...

...and became kind of confused as to which idea I should use! Sometimes Pinterest is annoying that way. There are just too many options!

I am really liking 3/4 sleeves and a-line skirts right now, so I think I will make something like the dress below. So pretty! Of course, I will make the skirt longer. Skirts these days...

Eventually, I also want to make a navy dress with lace overlay kind of like this:

I suppose that means more fabric searching...and probably more buying of fabric that is for a different project entirely. You know, it's a good thing I am not incredibly wealthy. I would need several storage units just for fabric! 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Little Joys

I have been quite busy lately. Busy with things other than sewing - things like playing piano and planning music lessons and making food and even being sick. But yesterday, I finally got myself to finish a little project I had been working on for a while. I came up with the idea to make baby headbands that doubled as ear-warmers. Fleece was the material of choice, since it is soft, warm, and naturally a bit stretchy. I made four different kinds:

The flowers were the hard part. I had to figure out what kind of flower worked best with each headband. Sometimes it took a few tries. Now I just wish I had a baby girl around to try them out on!

That is all the sewing news I have for you. I have been enjoying my busy life, even though sometimes it means little time for sewing. I have certainly been enjoying the weather! Maybe I can actually get out in it tomorrow! We've had some beautiful skies lately.

I have also been enjoying food a lot. I am trying to get rid of some food allergies with the Autoimmune Paleo diet. Being on a restrictive diet causes me to get really creative. Recently, I have been discovering the wonders of this little super food:

Seriously, it is amazing what you can do with avocados! My current favorite thing to use them in is sauces. You can get a thick, creamy "white sauce" without using flour! I don't really care for a lot of Paleo substitutes, but this is something I will definitely continue to do even after I am done with the diet.

Sewing orders are piling up, so I will probably have a lot more to blog about over the next few months. In the mean time, I will continue to enjoy my busy life. Life is too short to rush through without noticing the blessings!