Monday, January 11, 2016

Rollin' Along

Today I stopped in at my favorite thrift store. Which means that I looked at the fabric. There was a lot to look through this time...which means I brought some home. Aren't they beautiful?

And here is my jackpot of the day - a really large piece of fabric that made the house smell like some strange chemical when I put it in the wash! This is what you do when you need to air something out but don't have an outdoor clothesline:

I know, a tree isn't exactly clean, but what else was I supposed to do?! I just wonder what the neighbors thought...

Now, this habit of accumulating fabric does pose a problem. You see, I have limited storage space. When the shelves get full, the overflow ends up stuffed in bags, which tend to cascad right over my sewing area boundaries and out into the living area.

Today, I took a tip from my favorite thrift store and decided to roll my fabric into neat bundles and secure them with rubber bands.

I was able to use my space so much more efficiently! Now the bags are gone and everything looks neat and tidy:


Another change to my sewing area is this amazing thread holder that my brother got me for Christmas (the picture on the right). It holds so many more spools than my old one, and takes up less space. Efficiency seems to be the theme here!

If you want to see what I do with all that new fabric, stick around. You'll definitely be seeing some of it on here in the next few months! I am going to try to be very productive sewing-wise in this new year. I even wrote myself a list (I love lists!) of all the sewing projects that I am in the middle of or have planned so that I can actually complete some projects and start emptying my shelves a make room for more! It's a never-ending cycle.

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