Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Intensely Inspired

I have been sewing like crazy around here! Or at least, I did last week. Today I spent a lot of time taking pictures of my sisters modeling things, editing said pictures, and getting things listed on ebay. It takes time, but it's fun. And my sisters are such great models!

I got kind of carried away with the loose tunic idea. I made one for myself, and then one for one of my sisters for Christmas, and then I made each of us another one out of scarves! They are such a quick, easy project, and making them out of scarves is even quicker and easier!

Since they are such a quick, easy project, I decided to make some of them to sell. Lots of them. It was kind of the snowball effect. However, the prioritized list of sewing projects that I mentioned in my last post really did help keep me on track. I was surprised at how many projects I was able to check off in so short a time! I even managed to finish this little fleece coat that I think I started over a year ago. All it needed was button holes!

This coat, along with the items in the pictures below are now listed on my ebay store (along with many other items). Be sure to check it out!

It's pretty great when you have sisters to model things for you. It also doesn't hurt that they are so incredibly gorgeous!

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