Tuesday, October 27, 2015


There is a family in my church with three beautiful girls (and two adorable boys!). The middle girl, Maya, is kind of my adopted little sister. She has modeled some of my sewing creations over the past years:

This year, as my church's annual Reformation Dance drew near, I came up with the idea that my sisters and I should make princess dresses for Maya and her two sisters, Ammi and Emma. The girls were consulted, and we received requests for two Sleeping Beauty dresses (one pink and one blue) and a Rapunzel dress from "Tangled". It was such a fun project! I made the blue dress for Maya. I really enjoyed getting to re-create the dress from the movie! And I loved searching the fabric stores to find just the right fabric. Here are the three princesses:

Anna put her own twist on the pink Aurora dress. You can't really tell from the picture, but the overlay on the skirt is glittery gold netting. So pretty! And I love how the Rapunzel dress turned out - the ribbon on the front and sleeves was perfect, Sarah!

Such darlings!! The best part was how much they loved their dresses!

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