Monday, August 10, 2015

Crafting on the Road

This week is for adventure! I am helping a friend move down to LA for school - driving there with her in a car full of luggage, staying the week, and flying back. Flying. For the first time in my life. All by myself. Exciting? Yes!!! I have dreamed of this day for years! But also a little scary. Anyway, expect some cloud pictures and other from-the-plane scenery on this blog sometime soon. (I know it's a sewing blog, but...)

To bring things back into the sewing world, all last week I was preparing for the craft fair where I will be selling things in a few weeks. I did little but sew from Monday morning until Saturday afternoon. It was pretty much a sew-eat-sleep routine.

I made 60 phone cases and over 40 pencil pouches/makeup bags. Talk about mass production! I felt like a factory. At least I got to work with fun fabric! So much variety!

Now I have a mini vacation, but not entirely from sewing. Oh, no. If there is something I can do while on the road, I will! The third item I have been mass producing is jean bracelets. There is a lot of hand sewing involved - the perfect thing for an evening in a hotel or any down time when I have nothing else to do.

Hooray for vacations where you can enjoy yourself and get stuff done, right??

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