Saturday, August 29, 2015

Catching Up

Well, it's been a whole week since the craft fair and I am finally getting around to posting about it! In my defense, this week has been quite crazy, crammed full of planning for my choirs, late nights, practicing music, and other such things. It was the reality of life after the excitement and fun of travel. Life sure doesn't wait for you to catch up!

Anyway, about the craft fair...It wasn't very successful as far as selling things, but I was able to get my name out there and meet a lot of potential customers. In case you haven't seen it on my facebook page yet, here is what my booth looked like:

My dad helped me make (or rather, I helped him make) the wooden frame to hang all the clothes on. He's pretty amazing!! In fact, my whole family is pretty amazing. One of my sisters sister helped me set up, my mom sat with me at my booth for several hours, one of my brothers handed out my business cards and did his best to get people to buy my stuff, and both of my brothers helped take everything down and pack it up. And the other sister who was working and couldn't be there was supporting me from a distance. Yeah, I am super blessed!

My front table display. All the phone cases, zipper pouches, and jean bracelets right where everyone could see them...a great setup, if only there had been more kids!

I covered boxes with an old sheet and stapled in dividers to keep the different sizes separate.

As you can see in the picture below, I also displayed some of my dad's woodturning stuff on my table to get his name out there. He has made several wooden bangle bracelets. They are so pretty!

It will probably be a while before I do another craft fair, but it sure was fun to prepare for! Now to find some way to get rid of all the stuff that I didn't sell and really did not want to have to bring home... :-P

Monday, August 17, 2015

Cramming it All In

Well, here I am, back in Springfield. Last week was busy: helping my friend move in and unpack, running lots of errands with her, sewing in the evenings, spending time on the beautiful LSU campus, and then flying back on Saturday. Now it's time to get down to business: food shopping, getting a flat tire fixed, and most importantly, preparing for the craft fair. Only four days left!

But enough about that! I promised some pictures of my first flight, and I'm sure you want to hear all about my trip! Well, maybe not, and I'll be nice and spare you all the details, but here are some of the highlights.

First, some scenic pictures. These myrtle trees were literally everywhere!

Here is a bit of the LSU campus. I wish I'd gone to school there!

I made a couple of skirts the other week that I was able to wear on the trip. I love this western-inspired one.

A friend gave me (yes, gave) a large roll of jean fabric. That stuff is expensive!! I was needing a new jean skirt...

One very hot day, my friend and I went for a walk at the nature center.

They have a lot of lizards in Louisiana.

Then we went to see the city, but it rained, so we toured from the car.

And then I got on an airplane for the first time:

I did warn you about the cloud pictures...

Thanks for the great trip, Sophy!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Crafting on the Road

This week is for adventure! I am helping a friend move down to LA for school - driving there with her in a car full of luggage, staying the week, and flying back. Flying. For the first time in my life. All by myself. Exciting? Yes!!! I have dreamed of this day for years! But also a little scary. Anyway, expect some cloud pictures and other from-the-plane scenery on this blog sometime soon. (I know it's a sewing blog, but...)

To bring things back into the sewing world, all last week I was preparing for the craft fair where I will be selling things in a few weeks. I did little but sew from Monday morning until Saturday afternoon. It was pretty much a sew-eat-sleep routine.

I made 60 phone cases and over 40 pencil pouches/makeup bags. Talk about mass production! I felt like a factory. At least I got to work with fun fabric! So much variety!

Now I have a mini vacation, but not entirely from sewing. Oh, no. If there is something I can do while on the road, I will! The third item I have been mass producing is jean bracelets. There is a lot of hand sewing involved - the perfect thing for an evening in a hotel or any down time when I have nothing else to do.

Hooray for vacations where you can enjoy yourself and get stuff done, right??