Sunday, June 28, 2015

Taking Chances

Life is boring without taking chances, like wearing this bright outfit (I mean, yellow is usually a bad color choice for clothes, and it's SO bright...) or agreeing to make a swimsuit for someone who lives half way across the country when I've never made a swimsuit before in my life!

Turns out, both chances were well worth it. I have decided I love the outfit, and the swimsuit, in spite of being the most challenging thing I have ever made, was eventually finished and sent off. That was last year. The lady liked it so much she ordered another one this summer. Let me tell you, the second time was much easier!

Some tips if you are going to make a swimsuit (these apply if you, like me, do not have a serger):

1) Cut your pieces so that the greatest stretch runs horizontally around the suit.
2) Get a stretch double needle. I had a regular one and it was dropping stitches all over the place.
3) Practice with scraps of fabric and pieces of elastic until you get the machine working just how you want it. Pulling out seam upon seam after you have started can be very frustrating.
4) Make sure you get rubber swimsuit elastic.
5) Zigzag the elastic to the edge of your fabric before sewing it down with the double needle. This holds it in place and will save you a lot of time and tears.
6) Never sew elastic-side-up. I don't know about your machine, but mine did not like the elastic at all and wouldn't sew through it properly unless it was covered with fabric.

So now I know how to do something I didn't know before. And I think I look okay in yellow.

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