Monday, June 22, 2015

Belated Spring Cleaning

It's been a busy past few weeks around here! Altering dresses for a wedding, hosting people for said wedding, attending said wedding, preparing for my church's annual ball and conference, touching up a shirt to wear to the ball, hosting the conference speaker in our home Sunday night...and all the house cleaning and food making and preparation that goes in to such events! And now I've finally reached the calm after the storm and can get to some things that I've needed to get to for a long time. Like going through my closet. Only going through it didn't do much good, because I wear almost everything in there! And you can't get rid of stuff you wear! I did manage to find a few things that I could part with, though.

I really like how more than half the things in my closet are things I have made or altered. It's kinda fun!

On a different note, I have started collecting belts. I found a thrift store that sells them for 25¢. When I find a nice belt for 25¢, I can't pass it up! So, I have a lot.

The next thing I tackled in my belated spring cleaning was my fabric. I have probably said this before, but I have a really hard time throwing away fabric - even small scraps. You never know, I might use it sometime!! But today, I was ruthless. Hopefully I won't regret it!

I just had to stuff the whole pile into bags and try not to think about it. But seriously, I still have sooo much fabric...

Anyway, after all that cleaning, I am now sitting here relaxing with a big bowl of curry lentil soup. I know it's not the right weather for soup, but its a new recipe I found and its so good! Definitely a comfort food. (If you want to try it you can find the recipe here. I left out the chickpeas, cinnamon, and lime and added some ground sausage.)

This afternoon I hope to cross some more things off my list and have some time to read. I have been rereading the Narnia series and thoroughly enjoying it.

Happy Monday!!

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