Thursday, May 7, 2015

Picture Perfect

Last Saturday, my good friend (and adopted sister) Ayu gave her graduate piano recital, and I had the privilege of making her recital dress. (Ayu has been featured on my blog a few times before. I made her a dress last year, taught her how to make a skirt, and made a dress and a skirt for myself with fabric she brought back from China for me!)

Ayu found a picture of a beautiful red dress and asked me if I could make one like it. The pattern looked simple enough - long panels that flared out into a full skirt and a tie that was sewn in on either side of the front panel. The only change was to make the back higher.

We went shopping and found a polyester fabric with an almost velvety sheen to it. So pretty! We bought 5 yards. I combined two patterns to get the right fit/look. It took a several fittings and adjustings, but I am happy to say that the dress was done a few days before the recital - no last-minute stuff this time! 

Ayu looked beautiful and played beautifully! Congratulations, sister!!

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