Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dream Job

A week from Monday, I will be attending a masquerade ball that a friend from my church is putting on. It is probably the most anticipated and talked-about event of the year! Back in February, when I first heard about the ball, I immediately began planning a dress. My thought process went something like: If I start now, I should have plenty of time to get the dress finished. In fact, I might even be done several weeks ahead of time! Ha! Life never really works that way, does it? Not for me, at any rate. So here I am with one week to go and still a lot left to do. But my goal of being finished by Saturday is attainable, so I don't feel too swamped.

I'm not going to give you any sneak peaks of my dress here - you'll have to wait until next week for pictures - but I did want to share something that I realized while making my dress. I discovered what my dream job is: making costumes for movies! Especially fairy-tale, fantasy movies. I seriously love spending hours designing beautiful dresses full of intricate details and then bringing those designs to life. I rarely find it tedious.

The other day, when I felt like wasting time, I got on Pinterest and looked up pictures of fantasy dresses. Here are a few of my favorites. I would love to be able to make any of these, but especially the green one below (with a few alterations for modesty's sake). I just love the color and the flowers and the gathered sheer and, well, everything about it!

I cannot get over the flowers on this skirt! I love the whole vine idea!

More flowers...and those bead swirls!! Totally sold!

I am totally in love with this dress. The style, the beading, the train - so elegant!

I really like the unique top of this dress and the smooth contrast of the skirt. So fairy-tale-ish!

So if any of you dream of being movie producers someday, I would love to make costumes for your movies! As long as they can be elaborate and full of crazy details. We can all dream, right?

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