Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Cleaning

For several months the area beside my sewing desk has looked like this:

...lots of bags full of fabric that I have no place for! My sister thought I should buy a shelf, but I hate spending money...

Recently, however, I got the spring cleaning bug and really wanted to do something about all those bags. I started thinking about the hanging shelves that you can buy to put in a closet. We have a few of them in our linen closet, and they work great! Why couldn't I make one?? I started brainstorming.

First, I pulled out two big pieces of fabric and sewed them together for the outer walls, like this:

I ironed the raw ends towards the inside and sewed them together as well.

The shelves were cut from foam board, which I found in 20x30" sheets at the Dollar Tree for 50c each. Now that's cheap!! I made black fabric pockets to cover them.

The hardest part was sewing the shelves into the outer casing. I ended up pinching the fabric over the foam board on each side and pinning straight through it. The foam board was almost too thick to fit under the machine foot, but it just worked!

Once all the shelves were in, I made straps to hang it.


All that was left to do was empty all those bags and fill the shelves.

Here are before and after pictures so you can fully appreciate the improvement.

Now that's better! I think my sewing area is pretty much complete now!

Have you been spring cleaning? Or spring crafting? I'd love to hear about it!

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