Tuesday, March 24, 2015

DIY Organizer

I recently got inspired to make a little organizer for my sewing area. It is pretty organized, but I thought of a few things that it would be nice to have a designated place for. All I needed was a piece of cardboard and some fabric. Here's how I did it:

Step 1: Cut two rectangles of fabric just a little bigger than the piece of cardboard you will be using.

Step 2: Sew fabric right sides together to make a pouch. Flip right side out and insert cardboard.

Step 3: Fold raw edge of fabric to the back, tuck under, and hand stitch.

Step 4: Add pockets, pouches, or loops to hold whatever it is you are organizing! Just sew straight through the cardboard. I sewed two loops to hold my sewing scissors and a pouch at the top for odds and ends.

That's it! I left a good part of mine empty so I could pin on the flowers you see below. They were one of the things I wanted to organize. My mom gave them to me a while ago, and I just haven't found the perfect project to use them in yet. So for now, they are decorating my organizer. (Check out that amazing pair of scissors my friend Kelsey got me for my birthday! Aren't they beautiful??!!)

Since my organizer holds my scissors, I hung it within easy reach. The blue scissors scraped the wall a little hanging like they were, so I put a tack behind the cardboard near the bottom to hold it away from the wall. Problem solved!

I've got some more organizing projects in the works that I'll hopefully be sharing with you in the next few weeks. Happy spring cleaning!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Pattern Acrobatics

I had about yard and a half of fabric, 60" wide. I wanted to make a dress. Possible? I think yes. Of course, getting all the pieces laid out so they fit took a bit of work. Here is the piece of fabric, folded in half:

And here is how I cut out the pieces:

Waste not, want not! I have to admit, I was laughing at myself. Who does this?? But I wanted that dress. I even had enough scraps left to make edging for the neck and cuffs for the 3/4 sleeves. Here is the finished product:

I'm loving the geometric print, and once again, the knit fabric was so easy to work with!! Thanks for the pictures, Emily!

So if you don't think you have enough fabric for a project, at least give it a try. Think of it like a puzzle. If you don't like puzzles, or brainstorming headaches, I don't know what to tell you. :-P

Saturday, March 7, 2015


Have you ever wanted to talk or write about something but you didn't know what it was called? I was stuck on that a few weeks ago. I had made one of those long, flowy, shirt-jacket things, but I had no idea what to call it (other than a long, flowy, shirt-jacket). So I went to Google and after several search word combinations, I found the official name: fly-away cardigan! 

So I can now tell you that I have made myself a couple of fly-away cardigans. I love working with knit fabric! It is so forgiving and easy to work with. I also love these versatile cardigans. The blue one below was made from a sheet! Most sheets aren't knit material, but this one was, and when I found it at a thrift store, I just knew I had to get it. 

Here is the second one I made. Isn't that the coolest fabric?? I love geometric prints! 

I wanted to do something a little different with the edges on this one, so I added a wide strip of fabric around the neck and down the front on either side. 

Then I gathered the strip with small bands of fabric, as you can see below:

I had to do a lot of tacking to make the strips lay right.

Now they are stitched in place but still have the flowy look I was going for.

I love these cardigans so much I want to make more! I recently took a shopping trip (not for cardigan fabric) and ended up finding these pretty knits for really cheap. The top one is for me, the other two will be to sell. 

Yay for new projects!! :-)