Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Seamstress News

The blog has been pretty quiet lately, as you've probably noticed. I apologize for that! I have been sewing, it's just that the projects are taking longer than a few days to complete. Anyway, so you don't feel completely in the dark, here's a summary of what I have been doing the past few months.

Back in December, I made this black knitted dress. I have wanted such a dress for years, but knitting takes so long... I was thrift store shopping one day when I saw a large black knitted shawl. It was just the thing I needed! I took it home, cut and pieced it together, and a few seams later, I had a dress! (Well okay, maybe it wasn't that easy...) I love pairing it with my wide black belt and the teal scarf my brother got me for Christmas.

In January, I put a new zipper in this cute orange dress so I could wear it on a hiking trip. (Thanks for the dress, Aunt Kristine!) I have to say, hiking in the Branson hills is about the best thing I can think of! Throw in friends and gorgeous weather, and you have the perfect day. And we ended it with a bonfire and hymn sing. It's only February and I think I already experienced the best event of the year!

I had a photo shoot a few weeks ago for some dresses that I had made a long time ago but recently tweaked and altered a bit. These girls are such fun to work with!

Lately, I have been making some flower girl dresses to sell and filling a smock order. I also moved several things from my Etsy shop to eBay. I like Etsy, but it's very easy to get buried in all the sellers. I have already gotten several views and sold one dress on eBay, so I will definitely be using it more in the future.

I just have to show you this owl that one of my voice students made me for Christmas. Isn't it adorable?? I have it hanging above my sewing desk.

To finish off this news report, here is what my sewing area currently looks like:

My sister thinks I should get some sort of shelf or set of drawers to organize things more. I agree, except that there is money involved. :-P Maybe I just need to get caught up on my sewing... On second thought, buying a shelf sounds like a good idea. Happy Tuesday!

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