Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow Day / Sew Day

I love snow days! Partly because snow is just so pretty, and partly because they mean I don't have to go anywhere!!! And of course, when I have all that time on my hands, I sew! Because what else would I do? So almost all day today, I was sewing. I haven't had a day like this in a long time! I really enjoyed getting to finish some projects I'd had in mind for months, and working on some new things.

One of those projects was a lamp shade. You see, we have this old lamp standing by our door, and the shade is getting cracked and tattered. I really wanted to make something to cover up all that oldness.

I got some fabric from a neighbor several months ago, and this beautiful burgundy curtain panel was among the assorted scraps and pieces. As burgundy is already the color of our living area, where the lamp stands, the curtain was a perfect fit.

I began by cutting a rectangle about twice as wide as the embroidered border and slightly longer than the circumference of the lampshade.

I then sewed the short edges together to form a circle of fabric. I also zigzag stitched the raw edge of the sheer to keep it from unraveling.

I folded the plain sheer to the inside, leaving a small bit above the embroidered line. I sewed just above the embroidered line to hold it in place. The top of the shade is a few inches smaller around than the bottom, so I gathered the seam just a bit. I tried it over the shade and adjusted my gathering until it fit just right, then tied it off.

New and improved. Yay for easy fixes!

It matches the curtains quite well, and looks so pretty when the lamp is on!

I don't have any commitments tomorrow, so it looks like another long day of sewing is in order! Although I do want to get out and have some fun in this snow. Enjoy it while it's here!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Seamstress News

The blog has been pretty quiet lately, as you've probably noticed. I apologize for that! I have been sewing, it's just that the projects are taking longer than a few days to complete. Anyway, so you don't feel completely in the dark, here's a summary of what I have been doing the past few months.

Back in December, I made this black knitted dress. I have wanted such a dress for years, but knitting takes so long... I was thrift store shopping one day when I saw a large black knitted shawl. It was just the thing I needed! I took it home, cut and pieced it together, and a few seams later, I had a dress! (Well okay, maybe it wasn't that easy...) I love pairing it with my wide black belt and the teal scarf my brother got me for Christmas.

In January, I put a new zipper in this cute orange dress so I could wear it on a hiking trip. (Thanks for the dress, Aunt Kristine!) I have to say, hiking in the Branson hills is about the best thing I can think of! Throw in friends and gorgeous weather, and you have the perfect day. And we ended it with a bonfire and hymn sing. It's only February and I think I already experienced the best event of the year!

I had a photo shoot a few weeks ago for some dresses that I had made a long time ago but recently tweaked and altered a bit. These girls are such fun to work with!

Lately, I have been making some flower girl dresses to sell and filling a smock order. I also moved several things from my Etsy shop to eBay. I like Etsy, but it's very easy to get buried in all the sellers. I have already gotten several views and sold one dress on eBay, so I will definitely be using it more in the future.

I just have to show you this owl that one of my voice students made me for Christmas. Isn't it adorable?? I have it hanging above my sewing desk.

To finish off this news report, here is what my sewing area currently looks like:

My sister thinks I should get some sort of shelf or set of drawers to organize things more. I agree, except that there is money involved. :-P Maybe I just need to get caught up on my sewing... On second thought, buying a shelf sounds like a good idea. Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Wood Turning Smocks

I posted a few months ago about the smock I had made my dad for wood turning. He was invited to do a demonstration on his candelabra once again, this time at the monthly club meeting. I tweaked a few things on the smock last week that I had been wanting to fix and had it ready for him to wear at the demonstration. My dad was happy to advertise for me, and I got several orders that day. I also got to model the bangles he had made and draw the raffle tickets. And of course, I got to see my dad demonstrate his amazing ability on the lathe. All in all, it was an exciting morning!

If you are interested in ordering a smock, send me a message using the contact form to the right, and I will send you an order form. The smocks are custom made, and the order form lists smock length, sleeve length, pocket choices, and other customizable options. The fabric is 100% polyester and comes in light grey (shown below), dark grey, dark green, and navy blue.