Monday, December 15, 2014

Beautiful Things

My dad got interested in woodturning a few years ago. He loves working with his hands and is very detail-oriented. He is also quite a perfectionist. Needless to say, it didn't take him long to get good at woodturning. He has made everything from bowls to apples to a candelabra.

He took the candelabra to one of the local woodturning meetings, and was asked to do a demonstration showing how he had made it. So one Saturday in November, a handful of woodturners came over to watch him work.

For several months, my dad had been talking about having me make him a woodturning smock - something to keep the wood shavings from sticking to his clothes and to keep his pockets clean. I promised to make him one for his birthday. That was back in August. About a week before his demonstration, I finished up a big sewing project I had been busy with and got to work on the smock. I finished it in time! ...well, if you can call minutes before the demonstration is supposed to start 'in time'. Anyway, he was able to wear it for the demonstration, and I had two other wood turners ask me to make smocks for them, thanks to my dad's advertising!

Here is some more of my dad's beautiful work:

Yes, those things on the left are wooden straws. He said they are easy to make. They sure don't look like it!

Some beautiful scoops and spoons.

I love these natural edge bowls - the shape, the color, the edge - everything!

A pepper mill, two vases, and a spindle box.

This was the first bowl he made. Cedar is such a beautiful wood!

This is my favorite bowl. Who knew that wood could be so amazing? I love the swirly grain!

You can't really tell from the picture, but the one in the middle is a shallow platter with a base. I love the sharp color contrast in the bowl on the right.

One of my dad's most recent projects. He carved the face with a utility knife!

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