Monday, November 17, 2014

Creating an Outfit

Sometimes it's fun to find some things, fix them up, and piece them together to make an outfit. That's what I did to create an outfit for the symphony I went to in St. Louis a few weeks ago. I like to have something new to wear to occasions like this. Of course, this outfit wasn't entirely new. I've had this dress in my closet for a few years, and have worn it with a few different jackets, but I was never quite satisfied with the combination.

All the dress needed was straps. Since they wouldn't show, I just went with the easiest option: a spool of burgundy ribbon I had in a drawer. Some measuring and cutting and hand sewing later, the dress had straps!

I found a three-quarter sleeve black shirt at a thrift store that I thought would work well over the dress. I didn't want to wear all solid black, though, so I bought some lace, too.

I laid the shirt down on the lace and cut out around the body of it, then did the same with the sleeves.

I sewed the lace shirt together...

...then put it over the solid black shirt. I tucked the lace under around the neck, sleeves, and bottom edge and tacked it in place. (If you saw my previous post, this is what I was finishing in the car on the way to St. Louis)

I don't have any pictures of just me in this outfit, because when you go somewhere with friends...well, you usually get pictures with them! So here I am with all the wonderful people who made this trip such a blast! Love you guys!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Road Tripin'

This past weekend, I went up to St. Louis with a group of church friends to attend a symphony concert at Powell Hall. Of course, we fit in some other fun things as well, like a visit to the Cathedral Basilica and supper at a fancy restaurant. We were gone for less than 24 hours, but we did so much! It was a great trip.

Of course, in typical me fashion, I was sewing clothes for the trip the week before the trip. And I finished one thing in the car on the way there. I just can't break the habit! :-P

I had been shopping around recently for a sweater dress - one of the kind that you can wear over a pair of jeans. I have wanted one for years, and I thought it would be the perfect thing for a road trip. But as things often happen when you want something now, I couldn't find one. Then I remembered that I had a large knitted shawl-like thing (I honestly don't know what to call it) that I had been intending to turn into a sweater dress for several years. I pulled it out of a bag in our storage room and got to work.

I used my sister's sweater dress as a pattern, laying it out on the shawl and cutting around it to get the general shape. I matched up the bottom of the dress with the bottom edge of the shawl on either side, so it could have the original cable edge.

I sewed the cable edging from the sides of the shawl onto the neck and armholes. There was even enough left to make a tie.

I didn't want to leave my dress plain brown, so I took out my yarn and chose some coordinating colors.

I then looked up some embroidery patterns and came up with a design. I haven't been able to do detailing work like this in a long time. It was so fun! I did several bands of embroidery around the bottom, and two rows of french knots around the neck.

With my new pair of thrift store $3 jeans, the dress made a perfect outfit! And it was really comfortable - perfect for a road trip and sight-seeing in St. Louis!