Monday, October 13, 2014

Step by Step: Skirt to Infinity!

As I'm sure most of you do, I have clothes hanging in my closet or stuffed in my drawer that I haven't worn in forever and don't think I ever will again - but they're just so nice I don't want to get rid of them! This skirt was one of those things:

Beautiful skirt, right? But I hadn't worn it in years. A friend's birthday was coming up and I wanted to make her an infinity scarf. I started looking through bins and boxes and drawers to see if I had any fabric that would work, and the skirt hanging in my closet caught my eye. The fabric was perfect for a scarf, a flowy sheer that would lay nicely. Here's how I did it:

Step 1: Cut two rectangles. I used an infinity scarf of my sister's to determine length - my rectangles were about 31.5 inches long. I didn't measure the width; I just cut it as wide as the skirt would allow.

Step 2: Sew the rectangles together along one side to make a long strip.

I used this stitch to finish the edges, since the zig-zag stitch tends to stretch out sheer fabrics:

Step 3: Sew the long edge together to form a tube. This step is actually optional. I didn't want to hem the edges because I was afraid it would make the scarf thick and bulky. If you don't mind the raw edge, you can leave the scarf open. I wanted a finished edge, so I went with the tube.

Step 4: Flip the scarf right side out. Match right sides of the two open ends together and sew around as much as you can.

You will be left with a little hole, like this:

Step 5: Fold the edges of the small hole in and sew them together to finish it off.

Done! Quick, easy, and such a great fashion accessory! Oh, and my friend really liked it. Success!

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