Monday, October 27, 2014

Love That Style!

As some of you know, I love 1950's style. For a long time, I have wanted to make a 1950's dress (or several) for myself. The opportunity came with my church's annual Reformation celebration and dance. It's a costume dance, so why not go 1950's? I told my friend Emily, and she thought it sounded like a fun idea, so, naturally, we decided to match...because you're never too old to match, right? ;-)

We went fabric shopping towards the end of September, but of course, I didn't actually get to sewing the dresses until a couple weeks before the dance. In spite of this, I think I set a record. Both dresses were finished the afternoon before the dance - not a few minutes before, not the afternoon of, but over 24 hours before the dance. Don't expect this success to be repeated.

A long time ago, I had picked this dress out of one of my great grandma's old magazines. The picture isn't in color, but I imagined it must have been black with gold behind the lace on the top. It's just so elegant!

After a lot of cutting, sewing, and experimenting, two spools of thread (two entire spools!!), and a few late nights, the dresses were finished. Eight skirt panels plus several pieces on the top made for a lot of seams to zig-zag!

I pretty much made up the pattern based on the picture. I used another 1950's dress that I had cut out a long time ago and never finished as a guide for the skirt. One of my T-shirts served as the basic shape for the top. I love the lace we found! So pretty!

I also made this fun little 'half-hat' and curled my hair with pin curls to complete the look. The hat was made from some plastic cross-stitching canvas I had left over from my jean purse, and fur and lace from my scrap drawer.

I glued the lace and fur onto the plastic canvas with a glue gun. The flower, pearls, and elastic were sewn on. The elastic ended up being a little too loose, but bobby pins kept it on just fine!

The only part of my outfit that I did not make was my shoes. I really wanted pumps, and I finally found this pair for $5 at a thrift store. I love them!!!

So much fun!!

I really enjoyed making these, especially when Emily spent the night after the wedding and sat and chatted with me while I sewed (and afterwards we watched Frozen). Great memories!

I think this is my favorite dance dress ever! I'm going to have to find more opportunities to wear it!

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