Saturday, October 4, 2014

Elaborations on Pinterest Finds

A lot of work goes into planning and putting on a wedding shower. I recently collaborated with three other girls to plan one for a good friend of ours who is getting married in just a few weeks(!!!). Even with the four of us pitching in, it was a big job. But it was so much fun!!! First of all, working with the other three girls was a blast (one of them is my sister and the other two are good friends from my church). Secondly, it was really fun to be able to do something special for the bride-to-be.

The day of the shower, I got to go fabric shopping with this dear friend:

I think most people do not fabric shop the way I do. I hardly ever have the time to browse or the money to spend on whatever catches my eye, so I go looking for a specific thing, with the goal of finding it in the least time possible. Not a very relaxing way of shopping, I know, but it gets the job done. Someday, my habits may change. Like I always say, when I'm rich and famous...

Anyway, back to the wedding shower! We returned from fabric shopping just in time to finish decoration preparations. We had one hour before we were supposed to be at the location setting up. That was one crazy hour! We were cutting paper and sewing burlap and taste-testing coffee...and laughing at ourselves and each other. Then we loaded all of the boxes of decorations and trays of food into cars and headed over to decorate. Upon arrival, another crazy hour (or hour and a half) ensued. But somehow, everything got set up in time (with a lot of help from guests who arrived early) and the shower went quite smoothly. In fact, I was surprised at how smoothly it went - probably because of how crazy it had been beforehand.

All the decorations turned out beautifully!! Most of them had their origins in Pinterest finds. Here are some pictures of what we did, with links to the Pinterest originals.

Tissue paper flowers:

Burlap flowers:

My sister kind of came up with these on her own. Not really sure how she did it, but they were really pretty!

I had a bunch of long burlap threads that I had pulled from the edges of some table runners. I didn't want to waste them all, so I made them into flowers! These were probably the fastest and easiest flowers to make.

I love these pinwheels!

We were planning to use mason jars with tea candles in them on the tables, and I really liked the idea of burlap and lace covers for them. These were so quick and easy - just a little cutting and some hot glue.

As a filler to spread around the decorations on each table, one of the girls who was helping plan cut out a bunch (and I mean a ton) of birds from scrapbook paper. It added a really nice touch!

That's a lot of decorations!

Here's how it ended up looking:

My dad made these wooden candle holders for us to use. They went perfectly with the rustic theme.

The best part of the whole shower was how special and loved it made the bride-to-be feel.

It was quite a successful shower. In fact, the four of us who planned it feel so good about how things went that we think we could go pro...just kidding. But we certainly look forward to planning another one if we ever get the chance!

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