Monday, September 8, 2014

Sunday Sewing

Usually, on Sundays, I am at church pretty much all day long. It is a wonderful day of worship and fellowship with other believers. So when I am sick and have to stay home on a Sunday, it's a sad thing. Yesterday, I woke up hoping to be well enough to attend church, but I immediately realized that wasn't going to happen. What to do? I had to do something to keep myself from being too depressed! My brain instantly said: What fun sewing project could I work on? Thus, I spent most of the day making some jean skirts. One of them is still in the works, but I finished the other one today.

I have been needing another jean skirt for a while, now. I have owned several in the past with cool panels or designs, so I decided to take a stab at something out of the ordinary. Here is what I cut out:

Five irregular pieces each with the grain line going a different direction. I sewed them together and this is what I got:

Pretty cool, huh? And actually, the back looks even cooler!

I sewed the front and back together, hemmed it, and folded a simple hem on the top for a waistband. I used the zipper from an old pair of jeans, since I didn't have one laying around and didn't want to take the time (or money) to go buy one.

The zipper was a little short, so I added a hook and eye near the top.

All finished!

Yay! I made a cool jean skirt!! I will have to experiment more with this in the future!

Oh, and I got this jean fabric at the same store as I got my sewing desk, during the same 50% off sale. Inexpensive jean material is hard to find these days. That was one successful shopping trip!

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