Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Own Little Corner

I went shopping again. This time, the thrift store had a 50% off Labor Day sale. And this time, I got what I had been looking for on my other shopping trip: a desk! Why a desk? Well, I really needed a place to put all my sewing stuff, because it was pretty much all over my room.

Quite a mess, as you can see. So I left the house before nine o'clock Labor Day morning in the pouring rain to see if I could find a desk. And finding it wasn't really the most complicated part. When I drove my car around to the loading door, they wouldn't even try to put it in. I thought it would fit, but it was raining, and I didn't want to stand there and argue. So now I had two hours to find someone with a larger vehicle who could pick it up for me. A desperate help message on Facebook yielded a couple of responses, and a friend met me at the loading door in a little over an hour with her parent's minivan. Thank you Abbie!!

With the desk finally in the house, I could begin arranging and decorating! I started by unloading my room. I didn't remember there being so much space there!

The desk was a computer desk, so it had a keyboard tray. I really wanted a drawer there instead, so I decided to make one. I found a long, skinny box and cut off the lid. Then I covered it with fabric.

 I used staples to fasten the fabric to the cardboard. It worked really well.

It is amazing what you can fit in a small space when you need to! I was surprised how much I was able to put in the few shelves and drawer space I had to work with.

Everything is so organized!! I love it!!! No more messy piles! The only thing that is messy is the scrap drawer...but then, it's supposed to be that way.

Decorating the top of the desk was the most fun part.

My own little corner.

My pattern box...

...and its lid!

If you don't have bookends, use a purse!

A friend gave me this little organizer, which is actually a mug with a cover full of pouches. Once I pulled it out, I realized there was a lot I could stick in it!

The finished product:

Yay!! I am super, super happy about my new desk!!! I have my own little space for all of my projects, and a clean room as well! :-)

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  1. Enjoy the cleanliness while it lasts, cause as soon as you start sewing...... ;)
    But it looks great! I love the little drawer you made.