Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Shopping Trip

Today, I went shopping. Not specifically fabric shopping, but you know...I always have to look. It was actually a very successful trip! I didn't spend very much, and I got what I was looking for, plus a few treasures. Successful is a relative term, of course, because I didn't find the thing that prompted me to go shopping in the first place, but I'll tell you more about that when I actually find it. ;-)

I just cut out five 1950's style dresses yesterday, and I was in need of some white lining. Not only did I find white, but black as well! In my experience, you can always use lining.

And yes, I did cut out five dresses. I am so excited!!! I modeled most of them off of pictures from old magazines. It might take me a few weeks, but eventually I will show you the finished products. Here is a sneak-peak:

I also found  bag of assorted pieces of lace. Some of them are really pretty!

And here is the rest of my shopping spree:

Yes, I am one of those weird people who buy books for their not-even-in-the-future-yet future children. it only my sister and I who do that? :-P Anyway, I really want my kids to be able to read all the fun stories that I remember loving when I was younger. So I am collecting, slowly but surely. And nothing is better after a good shopping trip than sitting down and reading a good story. Excuse me while I go do just that!

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