Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Operation Shoes

You know how people sometimes get writer's block? Well, a couple weeks ago, I got the sewing version of it. Only, it wasn't that I couldn't think of anything to sew. I have so many projects (in the works or in my head) it's crazy. No, the problem was that I didn't feel like sewing. I just didn't have any motivation. At all. I finally turned to a project that I have wanted to do for a long time - decorating shoes! I have been excited about this since I thought of it. What could be more fun than buying plain shoes and embellishing them any way I wanted to? My answer: Not much!! So I bought these black shoes and began pulling out all the odds and ends that can loosely be termed 'decorating materials'. 

The leopard pattern on the inside of the shoe was kind of hard to match. I finally chose this gold trim:

I cut part of it off to make it narrow enough for the shoe, then sewed it across the toe.

Then I used the gold edge on the heel. I needed something to cover up the ends of the trim on both the toe and heel. My first idea was to cover black buttons with gold tulle. That worked really well on the heel, as you can see below...

...but the buttons ended up looking like bug eyes on the toe. Not good.

After some more brainstorming, I ended up making gold tulle flowers. See? Those flowers can be used almost anywhere!

I really liked the buttons on the heel, but decided to replace them with flowers to make everything match.

I am pretty happy with how my first pair turned out, and I have so many more ideas!! Rest assured, these definitely won't be the last shoe pictures you see on here!

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