Monday, July 7, 2014

Fun Little Projects

Since I discovered I could make flowers like the ones below, I have been having fun with them...and with lace and pearls and ribbons...

I sewed some flowers on an elastic band, put a silver decoration in the middle of each, and had what I call a bun band!

I made a headband by sewing flowers onto a ribbon and connecting the ends with a few inches of elastic. This time, I used small, sparkly beads for the middle of the flowers.

My third idea didn't involve flowers at all - just strips of lace. I cut three strips, laid them on top of one another, and sewed them together at intervals with pearls. Then I added toggle clasps at the ends to make ankle bracelets.

I am convinced that lace and beads and ribbons have endless possibilities. I'll have to keep experimenting!

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