Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Oh, The Lengths I Will Go!

Sometimes, I look through sewing magazines and clothing style books for inspiration. I was looking through one such book the other day when I came across an easy, quick way to make fabric jewelry. I made myself the black set below...

 ...then thought I would try with it with lace. Pretty flowers!

I had all sorts of ideas about what to make with them, but after I had made several, I realized that they would make great table decorations for wedding receptions or parties. Of course, in order to list them on my Etsy shop, I would need pictures, and in order to get pictures, I would have to make a reception table...somehow. We only had one table in our house that would work - a round one in our living room that holds a large, old lamp and some pictures. I moved aside the couches, unloaded the table, and set to work! I came up with this

...and this

...and this!

Three different designs to show that the lace flowers could be used in a variety of color schemes and settings. It took several hours to set everything up, find all the materials, and then put everything away, but it was fun! In fact, I think I should become a wedding planner! Just kidding!

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