Tuesday, June 24, 2014

An Easy Shirt Quick-Fix

Hey there! Just popping in to show you a quick and easy way to perk up a shirt. You know when you have an item of clothing that you like, and you put it away for the cold (or warm) season, and when you take it out and put it on again, your brain says, "You're not wearing that anymore!" The shirt below was just such a case.

I used to love it, but when I tried it on this summer I noticed it was kind of loose and baggy, and I just didn't feel like wearing it anymore. I tried gathering it with a ponytail holder in the back, like people do sometimes with T-shirts, but when I flipped the tail inside to hide it, the shirt stuck out funny. Well, that idea didn't work, but it did give me another idea. Here's what I did:

First, I cut a slit in the middle of the shirt's front from the bottom to a bit more than half of the way up.

Then I folded the edges of the slit under and sewed them down.

And that was it! Now the shirt has two ends that can be tied, making it fit better and look cuter. That's a shirt I will be wearing for a long time yet!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Rainy Day Sewing

I sew pretty much every day, no matter what the weather, but I think I like sewing on rainy days best. On days when the sun is shining and the clouds are wispy strands floating in the blue, it feels wrong to stay inside all day. But when rain patters against the windows, accompanied by the soft rolling of thunder, sitting for hours at the machine is justified.

On the rainy day in the pictures above, I finished cutting out and began sewing some Disney dresses to sell. I have decided that I do not ever want to mass produce any article of clothing. Even just three dresses is quite enough! So many seams and so many steps over and over again! This is definitely a rainy day project.

But, not all days are full of gray skies, and I must sew anyway. So I listen to music to pass the time, or just sit in silence and think.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Oh, The Lengths I Will Go!

Sometimes, I look through sewing magazines and clothing style books for inspiration. I was looking through one such book the other day when I came across an easy, quick way to make fabric jewelry. I made myself the black set below...

 ...then thought I would try with it with lace. Pretty flowers!

I had all sorts of ideas about what to make with them, but after I had made several, I realized that they would make great table decorations for wedding receptions or parties. Of course, in order to list them on my Etsy shop, I would need pictures, and in order to get pictures, I would have to make a reception table...somehow. We only had one table in our house that would work - a round one in our living room that holds a large, old lamp and some pictures. I moved aside the couches, unloaded the table, and set to work! I came up with this

...and this

...and this!

Three different designs to show that the lace flowers could be used in a variety of color schemes and settings. It took several hours to set everything up, find all the materials, and then put everything away, but it was fun! In fact, I think I should become a wedding planner! Just kidding!