Saturday, May 24, 2014

Back in Business

Well, with graduation finally passed and the push to the end of the semester over, I am once again able to devote a lot of time to sewing! Hence, more frequent blog posts! :-)

Just because I didn't have time to sew doesn't mean I didn't begin projects and accumulate fabric. In fact, I have a full drawer, a bin, and various other bags filled with cloth or projects in the works or clothes that need to be altered. And...I just went fabric shopping the other day. Because that's what a seamstress does when she has time on her hands and new projects in her head! I was so excited about seeing my purchases drying on the line that I had to take a few pictures for you.

One of the new projects is aprons, like the one below:

                   I made two like this and still have two more                        each of black and white zigzags and black                          and white checks planned. The pattern was                        inspired by a 1950's dress I saw in an old                          magazine. So cute!

                   If you want one, they are now up for sale                          on my Etsy shop. Stay posted for the two                          other designs as well!

Happy spring!

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