Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Jean Thing

I am the proud owner of numerous pairs of old and not-so-old jeans, given to me by a friend who had no use for them. I have actually owned these jeans for several months, and just haven't had the time to sit down and do something with them! 

Finally, last week, I decided to make myself a skirt. It was more of an experimental project than anything else. What would happen if I combined several different colors of jean in one skirt? I decided to make a skirt like the one below (a pattern I had come up with myself several years earlier). I liked the shape of the hem, and the paneled design was perfect for using different kinds of jean.

I chose two pairs of light jeans, one of black, and some flower-embroidered jean that was left over from a project of my sister's. There would be eight panels, light jean alternating with black or flowered.

I think it was the easiest skirt I have ever sewn! There were a lot of panels, but they went quickly enough. For the hem and waist, I just zig-zagged the edge, folded it under, and sewed it down - simple, quick, and efficient. 

Just a house skirt, but I think the experiment turned out rather well! I can either wear it perfectly symmetrical, like the picture on the right, or randomly off-center, as on the left. 

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