Saturday, February 22, 2014


My aunt is a very creative person, and she gets these really fun magazines full of craft tips and ideas. She gave a couple to me, and I have enjoyed looking through them. Seeing so many peoples' fun ideas makes it so easy for me to get inspired! 

I decided to make my aunt a pencil pouch for Christmas using an antique handkerchief. I was inspired to decorate it using as many little embellishments as I could. So one side of the pouch went from black branches silhouetted on a white background to a glittering, colorful forest in full bloom. I used buttons, sequins, beads, embroidery, flower appliques, and jewels.

The other side was a flower garden, and I embroidered each row of flowers in a different way. I had never sewn French knots before (how is that possible?!), and I loved them! So easy to make, and so pretty!

One of the inspirations I got from the magazine was these little frayed ruffles. I saw this idea on an apron and loved it so much I just had to use it.

The finished pouch:

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  1. I absolutely love my pouch!!!!!!:) This is a fun site Rachel, I love seeing the progression of your creative work:)