Saturday, February 22, 2014


My aunt is a very creative person, and she gets these really fun magazines full of craft tips and ideas. She gave a couple to me, and I have enjoyed looking through them. Seeing so many peoples' fun ideas makes it so easy for me to get inspired! 

I decided to make my aunt a pencil pouch for Christmas using an antique handkerchief. I was inspired to decorate it using as many little embellishments as I could. So one side of the pouch went from black branches silhouetted on a white background to a glittering, colorful forest in full bloom. I used buttons, sequins, beads, embroidery, flower appliques, and jewels.

The other side was a flower garden, and I embroidered each row of flowers in a different way. I had never sewn French knots before (how is that possible?!), and I loved them! So easy to make, and so pretty!

One of the inspirations I got from the magazine was these little frayed ruffles. I saw this idea on an apron and loved it so much I just had to use it.

The finished pouch:

Monday, February 10, 2014

How Many Ways to Embellish?

Recently, I have been looking at sewing accessories and embellishments. It's amazing how many are out there! Of course there are the usual buttons and ribbons and fabric flowers, but there are so many more types of decorations for clothing and other sewing projects! Here are a few of my favorites:

Wooden buttons are just so cute! And it's amazing how many different painted designs there are. I also love the variety of shapes you can find.

These bone beads are just so cool! They'd be great for jewelry, but I also think they would make a fun edging for the neck line or sleeves of a dress or shirt.

We don't normally think of putting larger glass beads on clothing, but why not? Maybe the round ones wouldn't be that practical ( I just had to include them because I love the crackly glass), but the flat ones have numerous possibilities. How about decorating a belt? Or making a flower on a jean jacket?

There is a huge variety of fabric flowers out there, in size, shape, and color. I especially like the vintage-looking ones. The roses on the bottom right could even be used as buttons.

My new discovery: polymer clay buttons. I just cannot get over these! I especially love the black and white roses. So unique! I am not really sure how durable these are, since I haven't had personal experience with any, but I have heard that they are quite sturdy.

Pins and brooches make another great clothing accessory. You can take the pin back off and sew the flower (or whatever was on your pin) directly onto a jacket pocket or into a design on a shirt.

Hair accessories make great fabric embellishments. The hairpins in the top picture might be a little difficult to attach to clothing, but you could probably snip the pins off the roses and drill holes in the backs to make buttons. The beaded designs in the three bottom pictures are clip-ons for headbands. They look really easy to just sew onto fabric.

Clip-on earrings! Who knew these could be sewing accessories? Just remove the clip off the back and sew or glue onto fabric.

And then, of course, there is an unlimited variety of lace, ribbons, and trim. Trim can dress up a casual outfit or turn an old piece of clothing into something new and exciting. I love the endless possibilities!!

Monday, February 3, 2014


My most recent projects have been some clothes for little girls, and I got the most adorable model for them, don't you think? Maya was such a natural. I hardly had to tell her what to do! Here are a few pictures from our photo shoot:

For the gold top, above, I used this tutorial, with a few modifications. I like the idea of the elastic waist, and the crossover panels add fun and interest.

This nightgown was made using this peasant dress pattern. So easy and yet so cute!

For the princess dress, I used the Party Dress Pattern, which I have used before. It is a great basic pattern that can be played around with and changed up in so many ways!

These items are now for sale on Etsy!