Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Keeping Busy

I have been so busy with various sewing projects that I have not had time to tell you about them! My 'current sewing projects' bag is quite full now, as you can see, and I have several other projects looming on the horizon. I say looming, but I am actually quite excited about them!

I just finished a couple of little girls' pink silk princess dresses that I hope to have up in my Etsy store next week. I am also altering a shirt that I got recently which is really cute but too big, and I have a skirt and shirt that I plan to turn into a dress.

The pink silk fabric above, and the gold flowered stuff below, I found at a thrift store, of all places! I have decided that I am going to look for fabric at thrift stores all the time, because I can get really good deals on unique pieces.

I have plans to use some money I got for Christmas to buy fabric (are you surprised?) to make a dress for an upcoming dance. I'm thinking teal-colored silk and white chiffon. A dress for a friend and a few other random items of little girls' clothing finish off my sewing to-do list. 

As you might have guessed, it's kind of an ongoing list. When I complete one project, another one comes to my attention. But that's the fun of sewing. I never run out of things to do!

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