Thursday, January 9, 2014

Freedom to Buy

I love going to thrift stores and finding things that I like but that are too big for me, and being able to buy them anyway! I did that with this shirt and skirt:

For the shirt, I just took it in on the sides bit-by-bit until it fit right. The skirt was a little more complicated. I hardly ever buy jean skirts that are too big, because the material is usually too bulky to take tucks in. This skirt, however, was made of very lightweight, flexible material, and it was just so cute I couldn't pass it up!

I first took small tucks at each seam except the side ones. I know from experience that taking tucks in side seams tends to make the skirt stick out funny.

I then sewed each tuck down to make it lay flat.

Not too bad!

For a finishing touch, I ironed the godets into pleats, so they would lay nicely:

Before and after:

And front view. I love this shirt! It was so worth the time it took to fix it!

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