Saturday, December 28, 2013


I don't usually procrastinate when it comes to school work. I like to have my assignments done in good time, and my studying begins well before test day. Sewing, however, is an entirely different matter. I have finished so many dresses just in time for dances, made things Saturday that I wanted to wear to church on Sunday...I even finished sewing together a sweater I had knitted on the way to church one Sunday morning. Talk about procrastinating!

Sometimes it's just my "I'm so excited about this project I want to get it done and wear it as soon as possible" drive that gets me in these situations. But sometimes, I have an idea for a project and a set event that I am making it for and I leave it for the last minute. That's what I did this past weekend with the new Christmas dress I wanted to make. At least a week before, I remembered a skirt with poinsettias on it that no one in my house wore, and I decided I would make a dress out of it to wear to for my church's Christmas concert. I did cut out the pieces earlier in the week, and I had every intention of working on it quite a bit before Saturday, but things get so busy around Christmas... I ended up finishing the dress early in the evening Saturday. That's actually not too bad for me.

Here is a bit of the process:

The skirt was pleated in the front and gathered in the back, so when I cut the waistband off, I was left with a rather large square. I took out the hem as well to give myself that little bit of extra fabric.

After over an hour, I finally got all of the pieces cut out. I had to use a pattern with lots of panels, because I didn't have much to work with after I cut out the skirt for the dress. I even ended up using the pockets!

The sewing together of the top involved a lot of trial and error, as you can see in the picture below. I took in and tried on and took in some more and tried on again and tweaked and changed until it finally fit right. At first, I left one side open for a zipper, but I discovered that the fabric had enough give it could just be a pull-over dress. One less thing to do!

The next step was attaching the skirt, then sewing the hem.

I zig-zagged the armholes and just folded and sewed them under, but for the neckline, I sewed on a thin line of black ribbon to use as facing. It worked pretty well.

And that was it!

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