Thursday, December 5, 2013

For a Friend

I recently had the pleasure of making an apron for a friend in my opera class. The fun thing is, not only is she going to use it in the kitchen, but she is wearing in our opera show, as well! She is a maid in an old woman's house, so she needed an apron for her costume anyway. Here are some pictures of the making of the apron, as well as a couple from the dress rehearsal of the show.

This patchwork fabric was so fun, and I love the way the bright aqua compliments it!

I gave each of the pockets a different rim to echo the patchwork look.

My friend, by the way, has a beautiful voice!

I know I haven't been posting at all lately...sorry for that! School is almost done, and I hope to be busy with lots of fun projects that I can tell you about in the near future.

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