Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Day's Work

I went home for an extended fall break weekend last week, and in all the rush of packing I forgot to bring the thread. I grabbed a few spools - the colors I thought I would need - but I really should have just brought all of them. So Friday found me lying on the couch in the basement in exasperation, wondering how I was going to constructively use my time if I couldn't sew.

I began searching around for a project I could work on, and found a bag of old cloth napkins and place mats in my closet that were just waiting to be refashioned. The best thing was, the dominant color in the napkins was white, and white was one of the few colors of thread I had!

I wanted to make a quick, easy baby dress, and after some searching, I found this pattern on married to a bmw. It was the perfect afternoon sewing job.

The napkins had a nice, finished edge, and after I cut out the pattern pieces, I cut this edge off the scraps. I could sew it onto any raw edges of the dress so that they would match the hem.

There were also some coordinating place mats that went with the napkins. I cut a rose out of one, thinking I could use it for an applique on the dress.

The neck and sleeves had raw edges... I sewed the edging I had cut off the napkin scraps to those raw edges just under the blue rim.

I then zig-zag stitched the edge, folded it in, and ironed it down.

I sewed elastic thread into the sleeves and neck, and the result was a cute peasant dress.

I zig-zaged thickly around the edge of the rose circle, and added lace. I tried pinning it to a few different places on the dress, but I didn't like it, so I decided to make a barrette out of it.

I am going to be putting up several things on my Etsy shop soon, including this dress, so be watching for that!

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