Tuesday, September 24, 2013


A long time ago, over 10 years ago, in fact, my parents made a decision, and my sisters and I started taking sewing lessons. Our teacher was a sweet, short lady with curly hair named Mrs. Looyen. She had a little daughter and a little white dog. Once a week our mom would drop the three of us girls off at Mrs. Looyan's house. I still remember the first thing we made - matching plaid jumpers.

The jumpers were quite an ambitious project, complete with lining and pockets. I remember pouring over the patterns as we learned to read them, soaking up definitions of terms and learning 'sewing language'. After the jumpers, we made skirts. Mine was a full, long one, blue and white checked gingham. We made pincushions, too, out of blue fabric sprinkled with tulips.

The sewing lessons stopped when the Looyens decided to move, but my sisters and I had learned enough to get us going. When the Looyens left, they took with them my stuffed lamb, which I had given their little girl, but they left me with much more than that. Those sewing lessons have given me so much joy and opened a world of opportunities. I went from carefully following a pattern to creating things from my imagination. I grew from jumpers and skirts to formal gowns.

Everything that appears on this blog, even the blog itself, is only possible because of the opportunity my parents gave me, and because of Mrs. Looyen. Thank you!

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