Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Mending Basket

It's probably a good thing that I don't have a mending basket, because I would just throw things in it and forget about them. Of course, I don't do much better when I leave things in plain sight. I have left clothing that needed altering or mending in my drawer or closet for months or, I am embarrassed to admit, even years! It's just one of those little jobs that I never get around to doing.

Mending is something you have to make time for, and tonight, I finally made time. I took a skirt that was too big, a shirt that was too long, and various other items that needed fixing up and sat down at the sewing machine.

It is surprising how enjoyable mending/altering can be when you finally start doing it. You realize how much you liked those things that you pretended you didn't need because you didn't want to fix them. You discover that the old shirt you need to put darts in would look great with that new skirt you just bought. And that dress that needs a new hem is the perfect thing to wear to the party next Saturday. In fact, a pile of mending, when attended to, could give you a whole new wardrobe!

Do you have a full mending basket (literally or figuratively)? Put on some music, watch a movie, or even invite a friend over to chat with, and start sewing!

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